Miguel Cullen

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Published by Odilo Press & Alteria Art (2017)
Poems by Miguel Cullen
Artwork by Alix Janta-Polczynski

450 copies 

25 Pounds

Odilo Press and Alteria Art are pleased to present Paranoid Narcissism! (2017) with poems by Miguel Cullen and artwork by Alix Janta-Polcynski.

Paranoid Narcissism! was the difficult second album by Miguel. Delicately and beautifully produced by Alix Janta-Polczynski in a bigger-than-A4 size, inspired by old California travel catalogues. The poetry is a coming-of-age portrait that is deeply personal to the writer. A voyage to mindfulness, London viewed as a passenger.  Greek mythology is a fruitful inspiration here, specifically the Minotaur myth.

The book is part a rite of passage, after the wandering innocence of the first, a struggle for freedom, from the prison of money, rational ways of living, the strict, overused storylines of the Greek myths.  In a sense Dadaist; part disciplined attempt at formal style, part departure into a more brutalist stream-of-conscience; all inspired by his recent relationship: inspired and aspiring to be more formidable.

Poems appeared in Lunar Poetry, East End Review, and were commended in the Segora Poetry Competition. The book received a publicity quote by A N Wilson.



Published by Odilo Press (2014)
Poems by Miguel Cullen
Artwork by Alix Janta-Polczynski
Sound bite: Kool FM - DJ Brockie, MC Shabba, IC3

350 copies

20 pounds

Wave Caps is the first collection from Miguel Cullen. Part paean to East London, where he'd lived in an abandoned house off Brick Lane, part experiment with a Berryman-type stream of consciousness, part-prefiguring the new wave of diaspora poetry, part psychogeography, part love letter, it was “good in parts”, like the curate’s egg. One reviewer put it that way. The work contained a speaker attached to a battery and a button in the sealed back sleeve - containing the soundbite (Kool FM - DJ Brockie, MC Shabba, IC3).  A track used to complete a work, making the poem uniquely immersive.

Poems from the book were published in Caught By the River and Magma Poetry